Q: Is there a course time limit?

A: Yes. You must hold a 15 minute per mile pace or faster.

Q: Will corral starts be available?

A: No, there will not corrals, but we will have pace-markers to identify where you line up based on your pace.

Q: Where and when do I pick up my race packet?

A: Click here for packet pick-up infomration.

Q: Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

A: Yes, please send them to packet pick up with a copy of your registration confirmation.

Q: Will you email me information closer to the event?

A: Yes, we will start to email you updates two weeks before the event.

Q: I have not been getting any updates?

A: Have you checked your spam box, sometimes we get sent there depending on your email security settings. Keep a look out for Strawberry emails and all email from the Vista Chamber of Commerce.

Q: I can’t make it to pick up my packet, can you mail me my packet?

A: No. You can have a friend or family member pick up your race packet just send them with a copy of your confirmation email.

Q: I can’t run, can I get a refund or transfer my entry?

A: No, all participant entries are non-transferable according to USATF regulations and non-refundable. You may not transfer or sell your race number to another person.

Q: I can’t run, can I still get my packet?

A: Yes, please stop by, or have a friend or family member stop by packet pick up to collect your bib and goodie bag.

Q: I have a friend who would like to volunteer, can he help?

A: YES! We always need an extra set of hands! Please click here for more information.

Q: Aid Stations on course?

A: There are two aid stations on the 10K/5k course.

Q: Where are the port-o-johns located?

A: There will be port-o-johns at the start/finish area.

Q: Timing?

A: The 10K & 5K race will be timed using chip technology. The 1-Mile and 1/4-Mile races are NOT chip-timed.  There will be course timers/clocks.

Q: Are strollers, baby carriers or baby backpacks allowed?

A: Yes. However you must move to the back of the runners so no one gets hurt at the start of the race.

Q: Is there an age minimum or maximum?

A: No, The races are open to all ages as long as the participant can race under their own power and can keep the 15 minute per mile race pace. They are considered regular participants and there is no price difference.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: No, pets are not allowed on the course at any time.

Q: Are bikes allowed?

A: No

Q: Is the race open to walkers?

A: Yes however please note that a 15 minute mile pace or faster is required for both the 10k and 5k race distances. A 15 min. mile pace is roughly four miles per hour, equivalent to a very brisk walk. If you fall below this pace, the race organizers can no longer guarantee course support. Aid Stations, medical support, portable toilets, and road closures will begin to become unavailable to participants. The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move up onto the sidewalk and obey all pedestrian laws or transport you further up on course to catch up to the 15 min/mile group.

Q: Can I change the race distance?

A: You can switch distances until 4 weeks before the event or until the event sells out. Email ceo@vistachamber.org to change your distance.

Q: What if my Garmin, IPod, Smart device, is slightly more than the official race distance?

A: On race day, if the distance shown on your device is slightly more than the official race distance, it just means you weren’t cutting corners—quite literally. According to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) course measurement guidelines (pg. 20), a road race course is defined by the shortest possible route a runner could take without being disqualified. After the race, if your device shows that you ran a little farther, this just accounts for extra steps you took to run around other participants, obstacles, hit a water stop, port-o-let or stayed to the middle or outside lane.

Q: What if my Garmin, IPod, Smart device, shows a slightly different time than the official race time?

A: How accurate your Garmin can be is affected by trees, cloud cover, mountains nearby, etc. so go on your chip time when racing. The main reason your Garmin will register a different time from race time is due to auto pause or signal dropout. If you lose reception time will still move on but your ‘moving time’ may differ. If you look at your data you will see 3 records of time – Time, Moving Time & Elapsed time. To sum up; if you are doing a race, it matters not what your Garmin says, your race time is as per the chip – in the same vein as the Umpire’s word is final.

Q: Do you have special rates to stay at any local hotels?

A: Yes, the Hyatt Place Vista/Carlsbad is our Hotel Sponsor. Click here for details.